How do I place an order?

Thanks for asking! I plan for orders at least two months in advance. If your event falls inside of that range I may have limited availability. Either way feel free to reach out! Please fill out this form. Advance planning allows me the time to come up with the best options to bring your dream to reality and allows you time to budget. The earlier the better!


Do you ship?

I currently ship across the U.S. (excluding Hawaii) using UPS. The desserts I currently ship are decorated cookies, cakesicles, chocolate covered oreos, chocolate truffles and cake truffles.

What are your hours of operation?

For order pickups or deliveries, hours are Friday 12noon-7pm, Saturday 8-10am, 1-6pm and Sunday 10am-6pm. These times still apply if you need desserts Mon.-Thurs.. Most desserts have a few days to 3 weeks of shelf life. Let me know your needs and I can advise which desserts will best suit them. I do answer emails 7 days a week.

Can I email you photos?

Instead of sending photos of other sugar artists work, please do send photos of decorations you are using (backdrops, centerpieces, invitations, colors) so that I can pull inspiration from these and create treats that are truly unique to you. Cake and cookie artists (and by extension all artists) put a lot of effort into their designs. It brings us so much joy to create special treats for your celebrations. Since I don't feel comfortable copying other sugar artists work, I ask for inspiration in the aforementioned ways.

How much are your desserts?

You can find a full price menu for desserts here. Cakes and cookies are priced from client to client since each set is unique. A general guideline for my cakes is $4+ per person. So if a cake serves 20 people it is likely to cost $100+. Of course, as details and designs become more intricate the price increases. Decorated cookies are generally $2+ for minis and $4+ for a regular size and there is a dozen minimum for regular size and a two dozen minimum for minis.

Can I order an item that isn't on your menu?

More than likely I can accommodate your request! Include your flavor/item preferences when you fill out the inquiry and I'll let you know!

Do you deliver?

I do! I offer delivery Friday-Sunday, up to 80 miles from 20706. For the time being, Saturday deliveries are available before 10am or after 1pm. Delivery starts at $25 within 15 miles of 20706 and you can find out more details by placing an inquiry.

Do you offer tastings?

Yes, I currently offer to-go tastings. Email me to schedule one. The $50 cost for a tasting will go towards a cake cost totaling $300+ not including delivery.


What's the smallest order I can place?

The pricing per quantity on my menu reflects the smallest amounts for each item. From time to time I will offer single cupcakes or cake slices for a reduced price on my Instagram so make sure to keep up with my stories there.